Tuesday, February 18, 2020


By JeanT D., and Kaylee C.

One of the strongest earthquakes on record in the Caribbean 7.7 magnitude, struck about 70 miles northwest of Montego Bay, Jamaica, shortly after 2 p.m. On Tuesday. This could be felt as far as Miami, Florida. The originating earthquake appeared to be one of the biggest on record in the Caribbean and the largest since 1946. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center indicated that a small tsunami was possible in parts of the Caribbean and surrounding areas, with waves of up to three feet. However, just before 4 p.m., it posted that the tsunami threat had passed. A large tsunami did not because the earthquake was largely caused by a strike-slip mechanism with some obliquity. That means one tectonic plate probably slipped past another horizontally and downward. Converging plates, on the other hand, are usually the most effective at generating tsunamis. The magnitude of a tsunami is proportional to the area and magnitude of the slip. Initially, it appears the quake occurred along the southern periphery of the North American plate, which is inching westward. At the same time, the Caribbean plate is moving northeast at several centimeters per year. These plates sliding past each other is what likely caused the earthquake.

By Jerry G.
California is reported to have two reports of the new coronavirus. The coronavirus is believed to be an evolution of a virus from bats and to be similar to the flu outbreak called SARS( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ), on Monday morning. Health officials warned last week that the number of patients would jump after a diagnostic test was developed for the novel coronavirus. The novel coronavirus has taken the human-to-human route. As many patients were identified with the coronavirus, but never visited Wuhan, China. Currently, it is reported that there are 17,000 people infected with the virus in 23 countries. WHO officials have stated that there have been 360 deaths. As of the moment, there is no vaccine for the coronavirus. The CDC recommends the public should take cold and flu precautions. They advise you to get the flu or pneumonia vaccine. You should also stay hygienic. Also, you should avoid touching the nose, eyes, or mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid contact with people that show symptoms of being sick. Always stay at home when you are sick to avoid transferring the virus if you have it. And covering a sneeze or cough with a tissue, and to throw that tissue away.

By: JeanT D.
The death of Mr. Bryant, 41, stunned fans around the world who had watched him join the N.B.A. as a confident teenager and depart a five-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. He retired in 2016, to help with his family and continue his life, little did he know that that life might not last as long as he thought. Questions still remain about what went wrong for an experienced pilot who had frequently flown similar routes in Southern California. But here’s what we know about the tragic flight. In his last message before the crash, the pilot told air traffic control he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer. Witnesses on the ground reported seeing the helicopter flying through a layer of clouds and fog seconds before it crashed into a nearby hillside. Bryant will be missed across the world greatly.
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Trek to Terranova ~ We’re Almost There! 
We are so close to making it to Terranova, Africa. Currently, we are still in the Atlantic Ocean, let's raise some more so we don't have to go for a month-long swim!

Grandparents Day! Don't forget to let your grandparents know that on Friday, February 14, from 1-3 p.m, We are celebrating all of our grandparents!

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