Thursday, November 7, 2019

Study Hall: What Should It Be?

By Natalie P.

What Do You Like About Study Hall? 
"In study hall in Mrs. Broyles room, we have lots of fun while studying. We love to play chess and checkers. "

What Do You Think Would Make Study Hall Better?
"We could make study hall better by having the option to go outside. We want to run around and get our energy out."

But Overall... "Study hall is fun."
 -Madi C. (Ballin' Like Curry)

What Is Your Opinion On Study Hall? 
"Study hall is great. I like all my friends and my teacher."
What Would Make Study Hall Better? "Probably listening to music."
-Chance D. 

  What Do You Think About Study Hall? "It is nice thing to do if you want to get homework done."

6th grade teachers see both sides of the story. Some kids need to get their energy out to help those who are working have a quiet atmosphere. So some teachers agree that offering the option of recess during study hall may be a possible solution. In that regard, the 6th grade teachers are now allowing students to have the option of going outside to the playground. Currently in study hall, it is much quieter and easier to get work done.

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