Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ms.Know-It-All Writes to Ocean

Dear Ms. Know-It-All,
Hi! Ok, so in my homeroom I only have basically 1 friend that likes me for me. But I think she isn't really my friend. Whenever I do something wrong she gets mad and sassy. Whenever she can, she ditches me and partners up with other girls, so I'm all alone...not that that's a bad thing. So now if we work in  groups of 3, the 3 other girls will be in a group,THEN she will be my friend. So what do I do?



Dear Ocean,
My advice to is to expand your friendships. What I mean by that is talk to other people. Slowly try to insert yourself into a group and if they move away that's their problem. They just missed out on a chance to have an awesome friend like you. Also, you could confront your friend and ask why she is getting mad at you for making mistakes. Nobody's perfect. During projects try paring with other girls or boys. You might even make a new best friend that you can count on for the rest of your life. Good luck and remember you are awesome.

Ms. Know-It-All

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