Monday, May 20, 2019

Aviation News Volume 2

Boeing 777-9 is one of the most advanced aircraft with the biggest engines that have made the world record. I MEAN LOOK AT THE COMPARISONS.


Image result for ge9x
Here is a picture for size reference.

The 777-9 is the latest Boeing aircraft in aviation and has set records that are going to make it difficult for Boeing's rival company Airbus to beat. First off what makes this plane amazing an have a place in the history books are the engines and the cabin. The engines are powered by the General Electric GE9X which is the predecessor of the GE90 engines. These engines are designed to be silent and make living by the airport quieter. These engines use a brand new state of the art turbofan called a geared turbofan this allows the noise to be absorbed by the engine making it very silent during max thrust settings. Also, these engines are very environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the engines burn way less fuel 10% less than its environmentally friendly predecessor which improves fuel costs to run the plane to destinations. The second reason is that due to lower fuel consumption the engine does emit less CO2 emissions reducing the effect of greenhouse gasses building up in the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Another great thing about this aircraft is the First class seats this is the future of luxury travel.
Image result for 777x interior
This is one of many options airlines can choose for business class.

Another option is this which is WAY more futuristic and this also includes the other cabins.

Another great thing about this aircraft is the fact that it is easier to train pilots to fly this type of aircraft.  Also, this aircraft can fly VERY long distances 7,525 nautical miles. Well, we will see in the near future what this aircraft will be like to fly on. 

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