Thursday, April 4, 2019


By Sylvia K.


Water. We need it to survive. But not everybody has a clean supply of it. For example many people in Sudan. They are drinking bad water because they do not have a fresh clean supply. When they drink the water they are drinking dirt, germs and disease. They are getting sick and dying from something they need to live. Because of this the life span in Sudan has been extremely lowered.It's around sixty-five. Compared to our average seventy-eight years the have lost many years because of something they need to live. Some of the causes of death are malnutrition and poisonings.
You can help. A charity called Water For South Sudan builds wells in Sudan to help their citizens get a better supply of clean water. So far they have built 177 wells in remote villages which brought water to over 400,000 people since May of 2013.

Village well
One way that you can help is the H2O challenge. The way you do this challenge is you drink only water for to weeks. Eat anything you want. Cake, pie, cookies, anything.  Then you send the money you saved on other drinks to WFSS. I have recently done this challenge. It was very interesting. There were some time people would offer me drinks that I would have to turn down. If this happens there are two things you can do. You can either take a break and drink something you like, or you can stay strong remember the people who need it.

You don't have to do the H2O challenge. You raise money however you like, but please donate to WFSS and help a South Sudanese village.

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