Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kenya's Downs

Nairobi Kenya

Kenya World Map
Kenya is something I don't talk about often due to the fact that it is 5 years worth of stories. I moved to Kenya in 2013 and I think that everything about Kenya began there.

Kenya The Country

Kenya is located in East Africa, it's capital city Nairobi is where lived for 5 years. There are many ups and downs but I am going to focus on the downs today.

Power Outages
Image result for olympian caterpillar generator
Olympian GEL 10S
Kenya has power outages several TIMES A DAY! We had a backup system but it was a very terrible backup option. An inverter is what it was called. It uses CAR BATTERIES which run through wires into the main box and powers the house. Sounds safe and simple right? WRONG the batteries can die after the inverter has been on for long periods of time. This main box is NOT SAFE. Once, while we were here in the US on summer break we got a call saying that the MAIN BOX had caught on fire! Finally, we got a generator and the generator looked like THIS
This is an Olympian GEL10SP and it solved the problem and finally, the power issues were over. The worst part about power issues is when you are in a mall on an elevator and the power goes out. If the generator doesn't kick in you are stuck. If you are in the middle of writing an essay for school on your computer and the power goes out, you will lose all of your work that is not saved. Also, sometimes at night when the power goes out, you will hear a transformer explosion in the distance. It sounds terrible and horrible to wake up to in the middle of the night.

Nairobi National Park
Kenya is not all bad. It is an amazing place to visit and the scenery is magnificent. Power outages were the only bad part about living here. The good parts will be featured in a follow-up story about my life in Kenya so stayed tuned.

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