Thursday, April 25, 2019

Aviation News

By Aidan G.

Aviation News

Groundings Continue Through The Summer Boeing Loses Billions 

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737 Max 8

The 737 MAX crashed due to faulty MCAS   

The 737 max 8 was released in 2017 so that they could to try and out beat the A320neo (new engine option) which uses the same engine as the 737 max. The FAA is currently reviewing the latest update to try and fix the MCAS software system.

Also here is our weekly aviation video explained:

So in this video, a British Airways 747-400 lost its 3rd engine during an engine surge (also known as an engine fire). This happened as the pilots reached v1 (decision speed) which means that he can not abort the takeoff. What caused this was a compressor blade from the inside of the engine that came loose and flew through the engine causing a shooting fire effect from the back of the engine. The sound you hear is the airflow through the engine being disrupted. The plane landed back at Phoenix and all the passengers went to London the next day.

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