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Celebrity Tea With Sawyer

Celebrity Tea With Sawyer       

Ariana Grande and her exes
             Valentine’s Day Edition
Top 5 Celebrity Relationships
#5 Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber
After the on and off relationship with Selena Gomez Justin Bieber began dating and not soon after marrying a model and television personality Hailey Baldwin who is now Hailey Bieber. This quick transition left me and many other people shocked. Will it last? Comment down below whether you think so or not.

#4 G-Eazy & Halsey
I know that this relationship ended nearly six months ago but it contains so much drama that we had to tell you at What's Up Woodward. Halsey and G-Eazy were going strong when they released their hit song together titled "Him & I". This song expressed their love for each other through Halsey's vocals and G -Eazy's bars. After their break up there was never a confirmed reason for the split until Halsey performed on SNL and revealed "being hurt by someone" and her performance suggested a cheating scandal. G-Eazy was soon after spotted with pop star Demi Lavato. Do you think that G-Eazy cheated? Comment below.

#3 Khloè Kardashian & Tristan Thompson
Television personality Khloè and NBA player Tristan Thompson were a hot couple for a while. They were sweet, adorable, and widely supported by Khloè's fans. Khloè then became pregnant with their daughter True. Things looked great for the couple going into the final stages of Khloè's pregnancy. Then, days before true was born on April 12 Tristan Thompson was very publicly exposed for cheating. For a while, no one really knew whether they still considered themselves a couple anymore. They have been rumored to have been talking about marriage in late 2018. Do you think that they will last through this scandal? Comment down below.

#2 Cardi B & Offset
Rappers Cardi B and Offset were doing very as a couple and in the rap game. Cardi B released her successful album "Invasion of privacy" and no one thought anything of it until people began listening to "Be Careful". This song talked about Cardi experiencing a cheating scandal and warning her cheater to "Be careful". They shortly after gave birth to a baby girl named Kiara Kulture. Suddenly, scandals arose. Cardi B accused offset of cheating and immediately left him. Later at one of her performances Offset decided to jump on stage and try to apologize for his doings. She did not accept his apology but they recently got back together. Apparently, Cardi has decided to forgive him. Do you think that "Be Careful" was about Offset? Comment down below.

#1 Ariana Grande & Malcolm Miller/Pete Davidson
If you have not heard about this one then brace yourself because this one is full of drama. Ariana Grande and Malcolm Miller began this relationship when Ariana was still a Nickelodeon star. They made a duet to the classic Christmas song "Baby It's Cold Outside". They continued to grow their relationship as friends until it blossomed into a romance. They began dating as longtime friends and were the hot couple. After two years of dating, Ariana broke up with him saying that she "respected and adored him endlessly". Soon after their break up, Ariana began dating Pete Davidson. They got engaged and were a beautiful couple until at the age of 26 Malcolm, her boyfriend from earlier in this paragraph, died of drug overdose. Ariana Grande could not seem to get over his death and clearly would have preferred him over Pete Davidson as her boyfriend. Pete did not appreciate this and broke up with Ariana for valuing Malcolm more than him and mourning over him instead of paying attention to Pete. Ariana Grande later released the song "thank you, next" thanking her ex-boyfriends including Pete and Malcolm. In the same album, she released "ghostin" where she apologized for not prioritizing Pete when Malcolm passed. She apologized for wanting Malcolm over Pete after Malcolm died.

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