Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Art for 7th Grade

By Nikhil P.


7th Grade Art Tryouts

7th grade art will be a blast, and you can join. 7th grade art will have a bunch of fun actives, like  digital technology, sculpture, jewelry making with 3D printers and more.  7th grade art will have honors and year long art. For more details ask Ms. Lee.  Now I bet you're asking yourself, "How do I get in?" That's a great question.  Here's how:

Art Portfolio

The way you get into the program is to make a portfolio. The MS art teachers recommend that you submit 5 (or 3 minimum) pieces of artwork. At least one of your drawings need to show shading, one needs to be realistic, another showing 3D value study, and if possible do a painting demonstrating your skill in blending colors. The date for the portfolio Thursday, Feb 21. You will put your art pieces on the library table. Label your work with your name and homeroom teacher.  Also, include date that artwork was created for each art piece.

                                                     Tips To help for Portfolio

If you want help with your portfolio then you should go to art club every Friday at recess, or maybe during study hall in Ms. Lee's room. I recommend you work on the portfolio every day to make sure you get everything ready on time. If you need markers or colored pencils I recommend going to go to Blicks and get markers called Copic (prefferly Copic sketch) and for colored pencils get Prisma. These are really expensive but it's definitely worth it. If you have any more questions please your art teacher.


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