Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gobble Gobble Greek Turkey

By Nava R.
Santorini Greece

My family and I spent our Thanksgiving break in Santorini Greece!

The flight to Greece was very long. We had to take three flights from Paris to Athens and then to Santorini. The flights gave us no time to transfer. Once we got off at Paris, we had about 15 minutes to go through the border security and get on the plane. The border security line was super long. The other flights were giving us a lot more time.

In Santorini we climbed a lot of mountains. One mountain we climbed was more like a
cliff, it was very rocky. The path was hard to find as we got higher, so my sister and I started to
climb each rock. Soon my mom started getting worried because we were getting close to the

Everything in Santorini was white and blue. During Nazi occupation, Greek citizens had to turn in their flags so they painted their houses blue and white to represent their flag. This tradition stayed with the city has become the trademark style.

Santorini is an Island, Party of Caldera. Caldera is a large hollow as a result of Volcano.
The tour leader was telling us the Volcano is still active!! I also found Charcoal!

Santorini had a lot of cats too, we named one Chi Chi.

I enjoyed spending time overseas and love to travel with my family. I hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful city. What did you do over fall break? Did you travel anywhere?  Please post your answer in the comments below.

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