Thursday, January 24, 2019

From Camels to Horses

By Lisa H.
Camels to Horses

Hamburg Germany
My name is Lisa and I am a British citizen. was born in Hamburg, Germany. I have three sisters named Zoe, Sarah, and Catherine. We have a cat named Izzy. I lived in Germany for four years and attended kindergarten there for a year and a half. I don't really remember much about Germany but I do know that I had a lot of fun. I am also told that I did learn a few words in German but I don't remember most of them!

Dubai School
After four years, I moved to Dubai! I do know that Dubai was a lot different from Germany because it did not feel like we had any seasons except from winter, when it turned a little cooler to about 54º Fahrenheit roughly. In Dubai, I went to Repton School! Every year in Repton, the school would gather at Repton Circle (playground) to form the UAE (United Arab Emirates) flag. We all dressed up as different colors like red, black, white, and green so if you are looking at us from above, we will form the UAE flag. We tried to learn the Arabic language, but I wasn't so good at it. I made many friends and that changed me a lot and made me happy. I made a friend from Repton whose name is Poppy. We are still in touch although she is far away. Sometimes when my family or Repton had a special occasion in Dubai, we rode camels. One time, when I was riding a camel, one of my sister, Sarah was sitting behind me when the camel sat down. I almost fell off, but thanks to my sister, I was able to stay on the camel!

Hartsfield Airport

I spent 4 years in Germany, 4 years in Dubai, and then moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 8. Overall, I was born in Germany, and I am from England. When I came here I took lessons on horses. Now I am in the sixth grade and my homeroom teacher is Ms. Fair. I also play the flute. I am interested in astronomy and lots of things associated with science. I don't ride horses anymore but I feel like that if I ride again I could still do a trot, because when I used to ride regularly, I was able to make the horse canter (in between a trot and a gallop). I have come so far from riding from camels to horses!
Repton School

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