Friday, November 9, 2018

WA alum speaks at LS Community Meeting for Veterans Day

Lt. Adam Mathes takes one of many questions from LS students
Our Friday Community Meeting commemorated Veterans Day by inviting Lt. Adam Mathes (WA class of ‘99) to speak to the LS students. Our speaker was met with applause by both students and faculty. Students watched a video about the USMC and learned about Mathes' experience in the military, from a difficult basic training program to the challenges of doing your job in difficult regions. Students were encouraged to embrace the rigor and lessons that WA teachers have to offer and how the discipline of teachers can help them become better prepared for whatever road their future takes. This point was illustrated by sharing his personal experience as a WA student who sometimes needed to be reminded to do his best. Lt. Mathes also shared how one's destiny, when looking back to his school days, can be surprising as he was not particularly athletic and drawn to chorus and theater classes. However, he ended up serving as military captain and survived three combat deployments including Falluja and Haditha. Students had many questions, sometimes tough to answer, but our speaker handled each one with grace and wisdom. Today, the LS community honors all veterans who served our country. We are grateful for our speaker and thank him for sharing his stories with us.

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