Thursday, October 11, 2018

Racing Bikes Is For Everyone

By Sophie Z.
Mission Devo Juniors
Hi. I am in Sixth grade and I love to do cycling. Me and my sister do track racing which is in East Point Atlanta and we race at the Dick Lane Velodrome as you can see in the picture below. Will V. is also on my team and does racing with me. I am on a team called Mission Source and they do all kinds of racing we do track, road, cyclocross, and mountain biking. There was a Florida race this past weekend and I raced with my team on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I did the junior race for everyday but on Saturday I did the women's race which was supposed to be just category 3 and 4 which are kinda beginner but they put us with the pros which means they are the best women's category group and it was supposed to be a fast 30 min race but it was actually an hour really fast. There are only five girls on my team and a lot of boys so I am just saying just because it looks like cycling is only for boys, it's not.  It is for everyone. For all you young girls do what you want to do and don't feel weird about it. My sister did wrestling intramural and she loved it so boy sports are for girls too not just boys. Some advice is that you gals need to be yourself and don't ever do what people say or think you are because who you are is what matters.

This the Dick Lane Velodrome and I know all these people are boys but trust me there are girls in the back.

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