Thursday, October 11, 2018

Civil Rights Museum

By Ariana M.
Lower School students went to the Civil Rights Museum in January, 2018. There were three floors, each containing a theme. The bottom floor was focused on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There were many quotes and artifacts to inspire students. The middle floor was dedicated to Civil Rights. It talked about the pain and discrimination that African Americans endured. The top floor talked about Human Rights. There are 30 rights that every human has and no one can take away. It is our job to protect those rights. Overall, the Civil Rights Museum was an amazing, interactive learning experience.

LS students arrive at the front of the museum

Davis M. observes a list of dictators from around the world throughout history.

Students fill out worksheets about things they learn.

Devin M. learns about Nelson Mandela

Students watch videos and read articles about 30 human rights issues

Sixth graders pose in front of a poster about what you can do to stop unjust laws and actions.

Students listen to a presentation about the human rights

Videos of people who fought for rights are up for students to see

Julia B., Catherine H., and Maddy P stand in front of the big poster

Sixth grade students sit down for the Lunch Counter Experience

Reflection bench

Large group photo

Maddy P., Catherine H., and Nadia A. watch a video about human rights

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