Friday, September 21, 2018

My Favorite Top 3 Apps


Top 3 Apps All Kids Should Have

Kendall D.

I love tech. When I say I love tech I mean I love creating things, building apps, and programing. I have a few apps in my opinion that all kids should have.

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1. The #1 app that I love is Roblox.  This is a game where you can talk and play with your friends. I love this game because it is a great way to interact with others.  You can play games with your friends without actually being nearby physically.  For example, you could be in South Carolina and your friend in Virginia but you can still talk and play together. This game is great but it does have a few problems because it sometimes takes you out of the game and people are not sure if it is just because they do not have good connection or if that is just a problem with the game (this app is free).

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2. The #2 app that is great is FIFA mobile. For those of you who love soccer like me, this is the game for you.  This game allows you to create your own soccer team with Pro players from packs that you can buy or collect. With this game you can play against different people that also play the game in a FIFA feature called "VS Attack." Another thing that I love about FIFA is " Live Events." In live events FIFA gives you soccer events to play in order to upgrade your team. In FIFA you can create a league with your friends where you can play other leagues created by other players. In leagues you can work together to achieve goals that FIFA has set for leagues to earn players and upgrade your team. You can also give the people in your league packs that you earn or buy. This game is awesome and there are really no problems with the game ( this app is free).

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3. The #3 app that is awesome is NBA live mobile which is created by Electronic Arts (EA), the same creator of FIFA mobile. NBA live mobile brings basketball to your device in a spectacular way. One of my favorite features from NBA live mobile is live events just like in FIFA mobile (this app is free).

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