Monday, November 13, 2017

Greensboro Dreamers

By Amelia T.

The "I have a Dream"® organization offers a chance for educational and personal growth  By Tom and Kathy 

For our community meeting, we learned about good citizenship. The Greensboro Dreamers,which is located in Greensboro, Georgia. The Greensboro Dreamers program was founded by Tom and Kathy Kelly (Caitlin Katz's grandparents) and run by a director and volunteer students from the University of Georgia. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly shared a PowerPoint presentation about the program. GD chose 50 kids in first grade who did not have as many opportunities as Woodward students. These first graders did not grow up in good homes. They had cramped living spaces, little or no clothing, resources, and no transportation. The goal of the GD are for the children to receive support in order to graduate from high school, college diplomas, a job, and being a good citizen of the community. The founders of the GD paid for all these peoples' college tuition. For the program, there are many requirements to be made. They have to stay three hours after school Monday-Thursday, meet two Saturdays every month and four weeks every summer, do community service, get good grades, have good attendance, be on their best behavior, and put a lot of effort in everything they do. It sounds like a lot, but if you look at it in another way, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly are doing a lot for them in exchange. Their rewards for doing good things are getting to go on day trips, going on overnight trips, extra help to graduate from high school, help to pay for graduate school finish college, and lifelong friends. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly have done so many great things for these people that they are setting a great example for us. Caitlin, their granddaughter is already following in their footsteps of being good to others by giving up some of her money to the people working on Christmas day because they have to be there instead of with their family. Caitlin loves to play outside and help others in her free time. Now that you have heard about the inspirational story about what amazing things that Mr. and Mrs. Kelly have done for these people, you think, what could you do to make the world a better place?
-Amelia T.
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