Monday, November 28, 2016

Grandparents Day

Miles H. with Grandmother

By Kaiden D.

Grandparents Day was an exiting day for both the grandparents and the students. Every school should follow Woodward's example in offering a way to connect families throughout all generations.  Each period was shortened to make room for our loving grandparents to spend time getting to know their grandchildren's teachers, friends, and Woodward Academy's learning curriculum. We picked them up from the cafeteria/courtyard where they were waiting for us to bring them to our homerooms. Woodward Academy's president, President Gulley, gave a heartwarming welcome to our grandparents over morning announcements. The homeroom teachers explained a little bit about what we do in our homerooms and left the rest to us. We gave our grandparents a tour of our classrooms and explained what we were currently learning. After about an hour in our homerooms, we had ten minutes to show our grandparents the other academic teachers and introduce them to our friends.

I think it was important for our grandparents to visit our school and learn more about it because like our parents, they also want to know our experience at Woodward. Our grandparents have a right to know what is going on with their grandkids and Grandparents Day makes this possible.  I hope that my classmates enjoyed Grandparents Day as much as I did and that it will continue to be a important tradition for years to come!

Ben L with his Grandfather

Mary C. with her Grandparents
Akaash P. with his Grandparents

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