Monday, March 21, 2016

Sam and Collin's MRE Post - Beginning

By Sam J. & Collin E.

Hi everybody! This is my first review on one of these things so I hope you enjoy it!

So... Collin and I wanted to understand what our country's brave soldiers do in the battlefield, and we thought a good way is to try an MRE.

What is an MRE?
Its a meal-ready to eat, and it comes in a small package.
Does it have desert and everything?
Yep. It definitely does.

This thing is too long...
Go to the TL;DR section down below.


The Review
Menu 1
Chilli with Beans


Collin:"Where to start... the chilli was really rich and was very tasty. Looks and tastes like most chilli. Also noticed a LOT of red beans..."

Me:Its basically some small chunks of beef in chili sauce with a LOT of red beans and some tomatoes. Its taste was pretty salty with a small amount of kick. This chili tastes like any chili you would eat at school or buy from the grocery store.

Collin:"Tastes like some baby-grade crackers that are bland"

Me:Not salty AT ALL which is a really huge surprise. Tastes like bland saltines with a little bit of grainy aftertaste.

Collin:"A little grainy but ok."

Me: I tasted a lot of sugar and some graininess but as Collin said, it was just ok.

Bannana-Nut Bar
Collin:"Definitely THE BEST THING on this menu. Really sweet and felt like I had energy after this.
Me: Input not recorded.

Electrolyte Drink
Collin:"Tasted like some degraded Gatorade."
Me: I agree with the above.

Jalepeno Cheese
Collin:"Any old cheese with a little bit of kick."
Its like some cheddar cheese thats kinda spicy.

Bannana Bar
Jalapeno Cheese
Everything on this menu is basically like what you expect it to taste like.


These MRE's are definitely good enough to be eaten on the battlefield. After eating this, I would eat one about anytime.
-Collin E.
-Sam J.

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