Saturday, February 20, 2016

behind the scenes: child as a model
By: Kaylin Vidal

Hi my name is Kaylin. Today we are going to be looking into the life of a
child model! When you are a child model it can be very stressful. Sometimes you have to miss a school day or half of the school year. Today we will be looking into one specific week, September 31 thru October 6th. During this week I will be in Tampa Florida, Cozumel Mexico, and Grand Cayman Islands on a cruise. Now it may SOUND fun to miss school, go to Florida and then go on a cruise. However, it may not seem so fun to meet with over 100 talent agents, talent managers, film producers, and casting directors. But to me it is the BEST week of my life. Since about February 1st I have been been memorizing over 100 different peoples names, faces, and background. Now sometimes it may seem fun but remember that people re judging you on your looks. Because of that you have to be very strong because some people can be mean in the industry. Some of your managers or agents may "lay you off" because your not "pretty enough. All you have to do is shake that off and remember that you are beautiful inside and out.

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