Monday, December 14, 2015

Places To Be In the ATL


The Beltline

By Lee B.
We have found a new way to walk Atlanta: the Beltline. The Beltline, a twenty-two mile stretch, is a new way to go everywhere. You will find roller skates, bikes, skateboards, and sneakers everywhere. 

Along the stretch you can find a playground, with lots of happy and content cool cat kids playing in it, the playground is small although filled with fun, modern play structures to keep some one of any age busy. Neighboring the playground is a ginormous field, used for soccer games, yoga and dance groups, many events throughout the year, and pure enjoyment. Next to the large field, you will find a skate park, partly made out of drained swimming pools. 

For a complete visit on the Beltline, spend time observing the incredible art placed along the walk. The fascinating works change often, giving you something to gawk at every time you go. The works are often done by young aspiring artists with a breathtaking art ability. As you walk through the stretch, you might notice all the photography along the way. The photos cold keep you there for hours, gawking at the photos and rereading the captions many times over. 

Along your walk, don't forget to stop by Paris On Ponce the incredible antiques shop, with fascinating pieces and huge collections. As you discover its nooks and crannies, you'll find so many crazy pieces that can only be described as artistically insane. If your lucky, you will find the adorable pug up front sitting poshly on the countertop.  For more on adorable playing kids, a new hipster scene, and a posh pug, go see it yourself!

For indoor activities, check out the Ponce City Market, a place with a phenomenal food and shopping scene, fit for hours of good eats and browsing. For a quick bite in the Inman Park neighborhood, try Parish, a cute, winsome cafe fit with soups, sandwiches, and teas in the back, accompanied by a restaurant up front. 

For a fun experience try Krog Street Market, a market with many restaurants such as Yallaa restaurant that serves its twist on modern Israeli cuisine, or for a few bites of pure and utter goodness try Gu's Dumplings. For a quick shop at Krog, try perusing Inman Park Pet Works, a shop highlighting your furry friend, or Mama a shop with wonderful smelling products that are all natural and hand made to make you smell and feel good. 

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