Monday, November 9, 2015

Honors Dance Spotlight

Samantha G.

Ms. Axam is the Lower School dance teacher. She has only been in the Lower School for one year but has made a big impact on dance program. I have only been here for a year so I don't know who was the previous dance teacher; however Ms. Axam teaches dance instead of P.E. for two days for those who are interested in participating next year. She also teaches Honors Dance after school on Wednesday's in the dance studio. Since last year was my first year at Woodward it was also the first year I was in Honors Dance. The experience was so amazing! I learned a lot of new stuff about dancing and am excited to continue with Honors Dance this year!

Honors Dancers this year 2015-2016
6th Grade:
Ava B.
Maura B.
Hayley B.
Sarah W.
Samantha G.
Isabella P.
Elizabeth T.
Anna V.
Elise W.

5th Grade
Sasha B.
Peyton F.
Ella G.
Elle O.
Rhian R.
Juanita P.
Rhamsei P.

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