Monday, October 26, 2015

Lower School Lunch

This is a poll about the lunch at our school.  Students opinions are anonymous.

" Most of the time the food is on the mark."  

"I think we should vote on the lunch menu of the week."

" Most of the time the menu is amazing."  "They cook it right but sometimes the menu could be switched around." 

"Sometimes the food is really good."  

"Its your opinion on what you like and what you don't like".

" The food is good!"

"The food is good but sometimes okay."  

" I think the food is pretty good and I also like the salad bar." 

"The cooking staff is very sweet, the food is really good!"

"Our tacos are pretty good."                                                                                             

This is not at all what our schools food looks like I just  wanted to put that out there.
Our food doesn't look exactly like this but it is very close.

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