Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Showdown Virginia vs. Georgia Tech


       By Will H.

The Virginia vs. Georgia Tech game will be a good game in Charlottesville, Virginia. Can the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat the Virginia Cavaliers? I will go through all of the statistics and show you who I think will win.

ACC Records
                       Virginia                                                                             Georgia Tech
                          1-2                                                                                          1-4
As you can see, both teams have won one ACC game. The Cavaliers won against Syracuse,  at the time they were 3-2,  and Georgia Tech had a miracle at the end of last weeks game and beat Florida State.

That year Florida State had beaten Texas State, South Florida, Boston College, Wake Forest, Miami, and Louisville. Now lets move onto season records.

Season Records

                       Virginia                                                                             Georgia Tech
                          2-5                                                                                           3-5

It may look like Georgia Tech is better just from that, but while Georgia Tech was playing Alcorn State, Virginia was playing a then #13 ranked team in the country, UCLA. While Virginia was playing Notre Dame, Georgia Tech was playing Tulane. After winning those two games Georgia Tech lost five straight games. The last four of those games were conference games. I was at the Virginia vs. Notre Dame game when Virginia was leading with 00:12 seconds to go and Virginia lost because of a hail mary.

It is hard to tell who will win, the team who has played and upset Florida State, or the team that has almost beat Notre Dame and two others. I chose Virginia to win because Virginia was able to shut down Syracuses's option and will do the same against Georgia Tech.

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  1. Georgia Tech will pull out the victory! Virginia can't handle our triple option. We threw FSU off guard with the same play four times, and we will do the same against UVA!

  2. Will has a good point, UVA will shut down the option. I will always be a wahoo!!