Tuesday, November 12, 2019

My Top Ten Favorite Memes

By Wade W.

For all of you who like memes, this is for you. Memes can be funny pictures, videos, or captions.  I like memes because they make me laugh.  They are also very creative, and you can find them all over the internet.

I tend to look at memes during the weekends, mainly when I'm bored. I've seen thousands of memes and laughed at most of them. 

These are my top ten favorite memes.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


10 Ugandan Knuckles
This meme is from a Ugandan film.
It has three catchphrases: Do you know the way, why are you running, and protect the queen.

Image result for origins of ugandan knuckles

9 Dat Boi 
Dat Boi, its origin unknown, is a frog on a unicycle.

8 Pepe
Pepe is a depressed frog.

7 The Troll Meme

The troll meme pops up on the screen when someone misleads someone else in a clever way.

6 Drake Meme
This meme consists of two sections, one with Drake turning away in disgust from text, and one with Drake pointing happily
to text.

5 What If I Told You
This meme is a man with sunglasses saying what if I told you *insert silly quote here*.


4 They Are My Crocs
A man rudely asks a lady about her shoes, and she angrily responds, "They are my crocs."


3 Despacito Spider
This meme is found in the Roblox game, Robloxian Highschool.  In the game, the spider is located in a secret chamber that is under a swimming pool.

Lucas The Musical Spider
This meme is a spider playing *insert song here* on an instrument.  It is better to watch a video of this than to look at a photo.

Click the link below to watch a video.


1 Cursed Image Series
This meme is a collection of hilarious pictures, like these.

Image result for funny cursed images

Image result for funny cursed images
Image result for funny cursed images

Thank you for reading my post. Comment below to share your favorite memes.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Study Hall: What Should It Be?

By Natalie P.

What Do You Like About Study Hall? 
"In study hall in Mrs. Broyles room, we have lots of fun while studying. We love to play chess and checkers. "

What Do You Think Would Make Study Hall Better?
"We could make study hall better by having the option to go outside. We want to run around and get our energy out."

But Overall... "Study hall is fun."
 -Madi C. (Ballin' Like Curry)

What Is Your Opinion On Study Hall? 
"Study hall is great. I like all my friends and my teacher."
What Would Make Study Hall Better? "Probably listening to music."
-Chance D. 

  What Do You Think About Study Hall? "It is nice thing to do if you want to get homework done."

6th grade teachers see both sides of the story. Some kids need to get their energy out to help those who are working have a quiet atmosphere. So some teachers agree that offering the option of recess during study hall may be a possible solution. In that regard, the 6th grade teachers are now allowing students to have the option of going outside to the playground. Currently in study hall, it is much quieter and easier to get work done.

Out of My Mind

                                                                    out of my mind

Out of my mind is a great book. It  may have many sad points in the story but these make the book dramatic and breathtaking.  This book shows what could happen in real life and how people who are different get treaty different and unfair. This book also has monomers where is so realistic you can just relate to what’s happening.  I highly recommended book where you can find almost anywhere they sell books. Have you read the book? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments.
Cydney F.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

No Place For Hate Mandala Project

By Minna-Tullah A.

Here, at Woodward Academy Lower School, we believe in a No Place for Hate. We want to have a kind environment. This year, our 'No Place for Hate' project is making Mandala rocks.

The Mandala is a symbol of connection to the self and the universe. Our goal is for students to establish a connection with their inner selves through painting the rocks with Mandalas that represent important principles in their lives such as health, family, and friendships. In the process, they will also establish a friendly connection with other students in the Woodward community nurturing the spirit of 'No Place for Hate'. Hate nurtures bullying.
People bully because they have low self-esteem. Instead of working on building theirs, they attack other students they may hate and enjoy their suffering. This is usually caused by stereotypes of the person. Bullying has to stop! Bullying has a huge impact on the victims behavior, grades, and self-esteem. Bullying causes anxiety, depression, social anxiety, loneliness, and eating disorders among the bullied. Bullied students start to avoid school. In extreme cases it leads to suicide. Woodward is a "No Place for Hate" school. When there is no hate, there is no bullying.

This is Mrs. Silva's class in the
process of painting the mandalas
onto the rocks.

 Stop Bullying               

Here are students creating their mandala rocks in Mrs. Broyles's class.


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Pastries for Parents

What a wonderful year we've had at the Lower School.  I was so fortunate to have a group of dedicated blog writers and staff members.  We hope you enjoyed stories from students about their lives and about subjects which inspire them to help celebrate the diversity of voices on our campus and in the world-at-large.  Have a great summer until next year!
-Ms. Lee
Blog faculty sponsor

Monday, May 20, 2019

Aviation News Volume 2

Boeing 777-9 is one of the most advanced aircraft with the biggest engines that have made the world record. I MEAN LOOK AT THE COMPARISONS.


Image result for ge9x
Here is a picture for size reference.

The 777-9 is the latest Boeing aircraft in aviation and has set records that are going to make it difficult for Boeing's rival company Airbus to beat. First off what makes this plane amazing an have a place in the history books are the engines and the cabin. The engines are powered by the General Electric GE9X which is the predecessor of the GE90 engines. These engines are designed to be silent and make living by the airport quieter. These engines use a brand new state of the art turbofan called a geared turbofan this allows the noise to be absorbed by the engine making it very silent during max thrust settings. Also, these engines are very environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the engines burn way less fuel 10% less than its environmentally friendly predecessor which improves fuel costs to run the plane to destinations. The second reason is that due to lower fuel consumption the engine does emit less CO2 emissions reducing the effect of greenhouse gasses building up in the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Another great thing about this aircraft is the First class seats this is the future of luxury travel.
Image result for 777x interior
This is one of many options airlines can choose for business class.

Another option is this which is WAY more futuristic and this also includes the other cabins.

Another great thing about this aircraft is the fact that it is easier to train pilots to fly this type of aircraft.  Also, this aircraft can fly VERY long distances 7,525 nautical miles. Well, we will see in the near future what this aircraft will be like to fly on. 

A short message.

Dear readers of the WhatsUpWoodward Blog we thank you for reading the blogs that we have made. By reading the blog posts you have made me and other blog users feel very proud to be part of the Blog post team and proud of our work. Thank you for such an amazing year and I hope that all of you have a great summer. Thank you, Ms. Lee, for being such an amazing inspiration to us all. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ms.Know-It-All Writes to Ocean

Dear Ms. Know-It-All,
Hi! Ok, so in my homeroom I only have basically 1 friend that likes me for me. But I think she isn't really my friend. Whenever I do something wrong she gets mad and sassy. Whenever she can, she ditches me and partners up with other girls, so I'm all alone...not that that's a bad thing. So now if we work in  groups of 3, the 3 other girls will be in a group,THEN she will be my friend. So what do I do?



Dear Ocean,
My advice to is to expand your friendships. What I mean by that is talk to other people. Slowly try to insert yourself into a group and if they move away that's their problem. They just missed out on a chance to have an awesome friend like you. Also, you could confront your friend and ask why she is getting mad at you for making mistakes. Nobody's perfect. During projects try paring with other girls or boys. You might even make a new best friend that you can count on for the rest of your life. Good luck and remember you are awesome.

Ms. Know-It-All

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Aviation News

By Aidan G.

Aviation News

Groundings Continue Through The Summer Boeing Loses Billions 

Image result for 737 max
737 Max 8

The 737 MAX crashed due to faulty MCAS   

The 737 max 8 was released in 2017 so that they could to try and out beat the A320neo (new engine option) which uses the same engine as the 737 max. The FAA is currently reviewing the latest update to try and fix the MCAS software system.

Also here is our weekly aviation video explained:

So in this video, a British Airways 747-400 lost its 3rd engine during an engine surge (also known as an engine fire). This happened as the pilots reached v1 (decision speed) which means that he can not abort the takeoff. What caused this was a compressor blade from the inside of the engine that came loose and flew through the engine causing a shooting fire effect from the back of the engine. The sound you hear is the airflow through the engine being disrupted. The plane landed back at Phoenix and all the passengers went to London the next day.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kenya's Downs

Nairobi Kenya

Kenya World Map
Kenya is something I don't talk about often due to the fact that it is 5 years worth of stories. I moved to Kenya in 2013 and I think that everything about Kenya began there.

Kenya The Country

Kenya is located in East Africa, it's capital city Nairobi is where lived for 5 years. There are many ups and downs but I am going to focus on the downs today.

Power Outages
Image result for olympian caterpillar generator
Olympian GEL 10S
Kenya has power outages several TIMES A DAY! We had a backup system but it was a very terrible backup option. An inverter is what it was called. It uses CAR BATTERIES which run through wires into the main box and powers the house. Sounds safe and simple right? WRONG the batteries can die after the inverter has been on for long periods of time. This main box is NOT SAFE. Once, while we were here in the US on summer break we got a call saying that the MAIN BOX had caught on fire! Finally, we got a generator and the generator looked like THIS
This is an Olympian GEL10SP and it solved the problem and finally, the power issues were over. The worst part about power issues is when you are in a mall on an elevator and the power goes out. If the generator doesn't kick in you are stuck. If you are in the middle of writing an essay for school on your computer and the power goes out, you will lose all of your work that is not saved. Also, sometimes at night when the power goes out, you will hear a transformer explosion in the distance. It sounds terrible and horrible to wake up to in the middle of the night.

Nairobi National Park
Kenya is not all bad. It is an amazing place to visit and the scenery is magnificent. Power outages were the only bad part about living here. The good parts will be featured in a follow-up story about my life in Kenya so stayed tuned.

Thursday, April 4, 2019


By Sylvia K.


Water. We need it to survive. But not everybody has a clean supply of it. For example many people in Sudan. They are drinking bad water because they do not have a fresh clean supply. When they drink the water they are drinking dirt, germs and disease. They are getting sick and dying from something they need to live. Because of this the life span in Sudan has been extremely lowered.It's around sixty-five. Compared to our average seventy-eight years the have lost many years because of something they need to live. Some of the causes of death are malnutrition and poisonings.
You can help. A charity called Water For South Sudan builds wells in Sudan to help their citizens get a better supply of clean water. So far they have built 177 wells in remote villages which brought water to over 400,000 people since May of 2013.

Village well
One way that you can help is the H2O challenge. The way you do this challenge is you drink only water for to weeks. Eat anything you want. Cake, pie, cookies, anything.  Then you send the money you saved on other drinks to WFSS. I have recently done this challenge. It was very interesting. There were some time people would offer me drinks that I would have to turn down. If this happens there are two things you can do. You can either take a break and drink something you like, or you can stay strong remember the people who need it.

You don't have to do the H2O challenge. You raise money however you like, but please donate to WFSS and help a South Sudanese village.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Art for 7th Grade

By Nikhil P.


7th Grade Art Tryouts

7th grade art will be a blast, and you can join. 7th grade art will have a bunch of fun actives, like  digital technology, sculpture, jewelry making with 3D printers and more.  7th grade art will have honors and year long art. For more details ask Ms. Lee.  Now I bet you're asking yourself, "How do I get in?" That's a great question.  Here's how:

Art Portfolio

The way you get into the program is to make a portfolio. The MS art teachers recommend that you submit 5 (or 3 minimum) pieces of artwork. At least one of your drawings need to show shading, one needs to be realistic, another showing 3D value study, and if possible do a painting demonstrating your skill in blending colors. The date for the portfolio Thursday, Feb 21. You will put your art pieces on the library table. Label your work with your name and homeroom teacher.  Also, include date that artwork was created for each art piece.

                                                     Tips To help for Portfolio

If you want help with your portfolio then you should go to art club every Friday at recess, or maybe during study hall in Ms. Lee's room. I recommend you work on the portfolio every day to make sure you get everything ready on time. If you need markers or colored pencils I recommend going to go to Blicks and get markers called Copic (prefferly Copic sketch) and for colored pencils get Prisma. These are really expensive but it's definitely worth it. If you have any more questions please your art teacher.


Friday, February 15, 2019



#15- THE MIRACLE (1989)
The lyrics to this song have a good meaning and with the catchy tune that this has, this song from the 1989 album of the same name makes my list.

MANY people would want this one way higher on the list. But there are so many underrated queen songs to pick from. This song is good. But it is just missing something that makes it pop out.

#13- I WANT TO BREAK FREE (1984)
This song is good. But still, it needs something big that makes the song pop out. The music video is great. WATCH IT AFTER YOU READ THIS LIST.

This song is great. But it has too much going on. I know many of you would put this as #1 but me it's a meh. It is great but not a #1.

#11- THE WORDS OF LOVE (1982)
This is the only great song besides Under Pressure that is on the Hot Space album. That album is the only Queen album that was bad. This is underrated and is a pretty song, it deserves credit.

This emotional song of growing up is beautiful and is SO underrated. The music video is the last video footage of Freddie before his death.

This song has a lot of humor and is very catchy. It has a complete mood change and is unique. That is why it is in the top 10

#8- PLAY THE GAME (1980)
Now you are at the part where it was hard to choose for me. This song is almost perfect. I love it. But there are so many great Queen songs.

#7- THE SHOW MUST GO ON (1991)
This is the most dramatic and heavy hitting Queen songs. Freddie NAILS the high notes. It is amazing.

#6- INNUENDO (1991)
This six and a half minute long opus is a terrific song from the terrific 1991 album of the same name. It has a Spanish guitar section and shows a unique side of Queen. I love it.

Extremely catchy, great from start to finish, easy top 5 pick.

"FIND  ME   SOMEBODY TO LOOOOOOVE!" This is a FANtastic song! Great build up for the end and also has an example for Queen's vocal improvisations.

John Deacon scores us a terrific bass riff in a great hit and a classic song. This song was a smash hit in the early 1980's easy top 3.

#2- DON'T STOP ME NOW (1978)
Great fast paced song. Only Freddie Mercury could write these lyrics. This song is used in a number of advertisements and was in Amazon's SuperBowl ad.

#1- A KIND OF MAGIC (1986)
"IT'S A KINDA MAGIC!" Great from start to finish. The music video is great too. This song is COMPLETELY underrated. It has a great riff by guitarist Brian May. It may just be me who likes it because nobody mentions this in great Queen songs. Please listen to this as quick as you can. I hope you will enjoy it.